Frequently Asked Questions
How do you pronounce Pnyka?
I love this but am busy. What is the time commitment?
Pnyka gets it. Each Assembly participant spends between 1-2 hours for each Assembly over a two-day period. That means you have two days to jump in, read others' thoughts, and share yours.
I'm nervous to share my thoughts if my privacy is not respected.
Pnyka agrees. You are identified by your initials. We understand complete anonymity leads to toxic interactions but we want you to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts. The other 5-7 people you are chatting with will most likely not be able to identify you but will just know the thoughts you decide to share.
I have other questions. How can I get in contact with you?
You can email us at
These online conversations can lead to trolling and hateful interactions. How is Pnyka different?
We are glad you asked this question. Preventing trolling and hateful interactions is one of the main reasons we exist. Pnyka has been tried and tested and has found that the intimate Assemblies, as opposed to open social media forums, promote respectful, productive dialogue. Pnyka has partnered with leading experts on dialogue and has employed those methods in its system to create a positive experience with you and others. Try it out and let us know what you think. [At the end of the day, the strength of the experience is built on you deciding that there is a better way then the online ranting and toxic behavior we typically see online.]
Will my university, employer, or organization be tracking what I say during these Assemblies?
No. This is your chance to share your thoughts, questions, and perspectives. Pnyka is a third party private to give you that opportunity. Your university, employer, or organization is not reviewing every comment made by each Assembly participant. That being said, violations of the code of conduct may lead to disciplinary action
Will these conversations be balanced or will it be me against others debating me?
Firstly, Pnyka’s has an unapologetic focus on promoting the sharing and learning new perspectives, not debate. People who join Pnyka want to hear different perspectives like yours. Additionally, Pnyka Assemblies are balanced between those who agree, disagree, and are unsure about a topic.